Supplement Series: The Definitive Guide To Beta-Alanine

The Definitive Guide To Beta-Alanine

Supplements are sometimes looked at as sacrilege in the paleo template, but that is not how I see them. Essentially, if it can be used for benefit by your body with no negative consequence, you would be a fool to not utilize it. I’m writing a series of blog posts on supplements so people can…

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What You Need To Know About The BuzzFeed Paleo Guide

BuzzFeed Paleo Guide

The popular site, BuzzFeed, wrote a pretty great guide on getting started with the paleo diet in the New Year. The guide has a lot of fantastic information for people trying to make positive changes. However, there are some items in the article that I think could use a little help for paleo newbies. Here…

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Paleo Vs Atkins: Top Six Reasons Why Paleo Wins

paleo vs atkins

The following is a guest post from Dr. Tyler Tonso of BodyBalance Chiropractic and Wellness in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While paleo has gained notoriety and risen in popularity recently, there still seems to be confusion on the difference between the paleo diet and the Atkins diet. Some people think, “Meat and no carbs….so it’s the Atkins…

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Why Fish Oil Will Be Your New Secret Weapon

why fish oil

Most people should be taking three supplements to enhance recovery, maximize performance, and be the most optimal human being possible. In previous articles we have highlighted why you should supplement with vitamin D and why you’re missing out by not supplementing with magnesium. Read them. This article covers the third essential supplement for humans –…

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Source Matters: A Paleo Guide to Buying Seafood

paleo guide to buying seafood

Next up in our Source Matters series is a guide to seafood. Figuring out how to properly source these little monsters can be quite the ordeal. This post is an attempt to simplify the process of buying seafood for you. Check out our previous installments on beef, poultry, produce, dairy, whey and coffee. With beef…

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Why Cheat Meals Are Eating At Your Fitness Goals


It’s always great to see and hear about people striving for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. However, something I will never understand is planning to eat “cheat meals”. You don’t cheat on your food. What you eat is different from your significant other, an exam, a poker game, or your taxes. For those of…

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Source Matters: A Paleo Guide To Buying Dairy


Next paleo guide in our Source Matters series is buying dairy. You can check out our previous paleo guides on beef, poultry, produce, whey and coffee. Wait”¦ Do you hear that? Those are the paleo police sirens coming to lock me up in paleo prison! “Paleo” should be using whatever your body can for optimal…

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