Source Matters: A Paleo Guide To Buying Produce


This is a paleo guide and continuation of our source Matters series. Feel free to check out previous installments on red meat, poultry, protein powder and coffee. Here we highlight why, where and how to get the best produce possible for maximum health benefits. Every year, Environmental Working Group puts out two lists: the Dirty Dozen and…

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7 Secrets Why You Should Be Eating Egg Yolks


I’ve been getting a lot of questions since our last post on why raw eggs won’t kill you and why you even need to be eating egg yolks. Are they safe? Healthy? You’ve seen it before: restaurants touting a healthier€ version of an omelet or breakfast sandwich, made only with egg whites. The reality is…

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Will Eating Raw Eggs Kill You?

Will Eating Raw Eggs Kill You? | The Paleo Fix

  When I eat raw eggs, I often get disgusted looks and hear “Gross! Aren’t you worried about getting sick and dying from that?!” No. I’m not. And if by chance I hit the lottery and actually contracted a foodborne illness, then actually had symptoms from it, I would deal with a few hours of…

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Why Not Taking Magnesium Could Be Killing Your Performance


Magnesium is an essential mineral that you are probably not getting enough of. This is a critical mistake if you are an athlete trying to increase your performance. There are over 300 important bodily functions that are dependent on magnesium, but the most important for performance is energy production. CrossFit and other high intensity interval…

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7 Ways To Stay Paleo When Traveling

paleo when traveling

Often times, people let their diet go while traveling. Being healthy on the road can be tricky for convenience reasons, reduced accessibility to good choices, or lack of knowledge. Here are seven ways to make better decisions and stay paleo when traveling! DON’T EAT Sometimes the best nutrition is none at all. Employ a little…

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7 Ways How To Cook Eggs to Maximize Nutrition

how to cook eggs

Is there a best way to cook an egg? If you’ve ever wondered how to cook eggs to maximize nutrition, you’re in the right spot. When you are cooking eggs there is definitely a hierarchy to extracting and preserving nutrients and making the egg as nutritious as it can be. This article introduces some guiding…

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Source Matters: A Paleo Guide to Buying Coffee Beans

buying coffee beans

After water, coffee is the second most popular drink in this country and it is the second most traded commodity in the world. It serves a number of beneficial purposes, such as increasing alertness, physical endurance, mood, fat burning, insulin sensitivity, cognitive function and serves as a fantastic source of antioxidants. The list of benefits doesn’t stop there and will be highlighted even…

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