Review: PurePharma D3

PurePharma D3 Review | The Paleo Fix

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, and 75% of Americans are deficient. It regulates over 1000 processes in your body and does much more than build strong and healthy bones. Check out our previous article for more information why vitamin D is so crucial. Up for review is PurePharma D3– one of their three available supplements. Do you…

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Review: Kahveology Coffee

Khaveology Coffee Review | The Paleo Fix

For those of who you know, we are very picky over here at The Paleo Fix when it comes to coffee. As always, source of the beans matters. When reviewing Kahveology coffee beans, the bar was already set extremely high. Fortunately, these beans blew me away. If you want high performance coffee that gives you the best…

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Review: JEM Raw Nut Butter

JemRaw Nut Butter Review | The Paleo Fix

Next up in our paleo product review is the JEM Raw Nut Butter line! JEM is a small company based out of Bend, Oregon that is producing some amazing nut butters. These are all organic, sprouted, and stone ground nut butters with unique flavors. They are currently offering four flavors which will be each highlighted below. Read…

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Review: The Paleo Diet Bar

The Paleo Diet Bar Review | The Paleo Fix

Taste There are no words to describe the taste of the Paleo Diet Bar. It goes through about four different tastes as you embark on the inedible journey that is the Paleo Diet Bar. First you get a little hint of cinnamon, which is quite nice. Next, comes the texture and taste of sand. After…

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Review: PurePharma M3

PurePharma M3 Review Magnesium | The Paleo Fix

There is a very short list of supplements that we think most people should be taking routinely at The Paleo Fix. Magnesium is one of them. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is a dependent enzyme for over 300 critical functions in your body. Read more about how it can affect your performance here. One…

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