The Truth About Bulletproof Coffee

The Truth About Bulletproof Coffee | The Paleo Fix

One of the hottest crazes of the last year or so definitely has to be Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is the practice of buying Mr. Asprey’s specific blend of beans, and mixing them with his specific proprietary supplements and grass-fed butter. His claim is that this concoction will kickstart your energy and make…

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Supplement Series: The Definitive Guide To Beta-Alanine

The Definitive Guide To Beta-Alanine

Supplements are sometimes looked at as sacrilege in the paleo template, but that is not how I see them. Essentially, if it can be used for benefit by your body with no negative consequence, you would be a fool to not utilize it. I’m writing a series of blog posts on supplements so people can…

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Supplement Series: The Definitive Guide To Creatine

Supplement Series: The Definitive Guide To Creatine | The Paleo Fix

Every Tuesday I will be posting new articles and guides on how to accomplish a task that will help you cook, prep, feel, look, perform and live better. Check out the archives of How To posts here.  If you have any suggestions for posts, email them to me at, or comment on the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.  This…

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The Disappearing Diet: How to Disappear in a Year

The Disappearing Diet | The Paleo Fix

For those of you who have read my articles before, you likely know I’m not the biggest proponent of “diets” in general and don’t agree with the overly simplistic view that calories in equal calories out. Things have changed though. I have flip flopped and since come up with the most revolutionary diet of all…

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Why Your Low Back Hurts and What To Do About It

Why Your Low Back Hurts | The Paleo Fix

This post is going to appear to many of you to be very off topic. Great! Why your low back hurts doesn’t seem too “paleo” from the surface. Food and nutrition are excellent, but they don’t encompass entirely what I consider “paleo”, as I’ve stated before. We need to widen our paleo and primal lens from food…

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8 Reasons Not To Use Keurig Cups

use keurig cups

Keurig machines and other single cup coffee makers have never made much sense to me. I find it shocking that, according to a recent study, 13% of the US population use Keurig cups or other single cup coffee EACH DAY. It was equally baffling to me the prevalence of single cup coffee use when traveling…

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Why Paleo Is Not Perfect

why paleo is not perfect

There are people who eat healthy and enjoy helping others eat healthy, and then there are the paleo police. The paleo police seem ready to jump at any opportunity to throw you into paleo prison if every aspect of your life isn’t like a caveman’s. No other “diet” is as strictly scrutinized and patrolled as paleo. But…

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