7 Ways How To Cook Eggs to Maximize Nutrition

how to cook eggs

Is there a best way to cook an egg? If you’ve ever wondered how to cook eggs to maximize nutrition, you’re in the right spot. When you are cooking eggs there is definitely a hierarchy to extracting and preserving nutrients and making the egg as nutritious as it can be. This article introduces some guiding…

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Why You Should Be Supplementing With Vitamin D

supplementing with vitamin d

When people think of vitamin D they generally think it does one thing – build bones. It turns out it does much, much more. Vitamin D controls over 1000 processes in your body. When you are completely deficient, you end up with dysregulation of mineralization in your bones called rickets. When you’re not at optimal…

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Source Matters: A Paleo Guide to Buying Red Meat

buying red meat

The next installment of Source Matters addresses beef. Actually, this guide applies to more than just cows. These guidelines apply to all of the ruminants: cows, sheep, goats, bison, lamb and others – simply buying red meat. Rumination refers to the process of chewing up, partially digesting, regurgitating, then rechewing a plant-based diet to aid in…

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Top 6 Reasons Why Counting Calories Wastes Your Time


The idea that calories in equal calories out and that counting calories matters will not die, no matter how much evidence and basic science is available to the contrary. There is typically not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone reference balancing calories like their body is their checkbook. YOUR BODY IS NOT A CHECKBOOK….

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