T-Bone Paleo Eggs Benedict

T-Bone Paleo Eggs Benedict | The Paleo Fix

I know, I know, paleo eggs benedict with butter… if you want to call it primal eggs benedict, go ahead. Not a big deal! Hollandaise just isn’t hollandaise without butter, sorry. If you’re sensitive to dairy, then this recipe most likely isn’t going to be the best for you. If you’re not sensitive to dairy,…

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Cajun Chicken and Pesto Paleo Pasta Recipe

Pesto Paleo Pasta | The Paleo Fix

One of the biggest things that people are missing when switching to a paleo diet is pasta. While my opinion is that this is completely unnecessary as you are usually after eating the contents ON the pasta and not the pasta itself, some people will still have that craving. Well, thanks to Capello’s line of…

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Spicy Italian Breakfast Skillet

Spicy Italian Breakfast Skillet | The Paleo Fix

The name is a little misleading for this recipe: Spicy Italian Breakfast Skillet. Yes, it is spicy. Yes, it tastes Italian. But NO – you do not have to have this breakfast skillet for breakfast. Maybe you want it for dinner. Lunch? Go ahead. Meals cooked in cast iron skillets are such an easy way to…

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Guajillo Chile Braised Chicken Legs

Guajillo Chile Braised Chicken Legs | The Paleo Fix

Alright new recipe time! Up next is Guajillo Chile Braised Chicken Legs. If you’ve never used braising before when cooking meats, you’re missing out. Braised chicken legs (or other types of meats) are one of the most fool proof ways to cook meat. Braising keeps the meat juicy and tender and the flavors of the…

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Rosemary and Garlic Braised Lamb Ribs

Rosemary and Garlic Lamb Ribs | The Paleo Fix

From what I can gather, you either love lamb or you hate it. If you are one of the lucky ones who love lamb, this braised lamb ribs recipe is going to be your new best friend. Paired with a little bit of red wine reduction, this is a savory dish that can be eaten…

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Paleo Pot Roast With Red Wine Reduction

Paleo Pot Roast | The Paleo Fix

Sometimes the best meals are the ones where you have to do the least. This is where the magic of slow cookers come in. When you can go to work and home 10 hours later to a perfectly cooked, hearty chunk of meat and vegetables, that’s a good day. This is where the Paleo Pot…

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Roasted Dry Rub Paleo Pork Belly

Roasted Paleo Pork Belly Recipe | The Paleo Fix

Are you paleo people ready for this recipe? I guess pork belly is “paleo” anyway, but whatever, this is still amazing. Think of this like bacon on steroids. This stuff will have a crispy outside and melt in your mouth inside. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like bacon because it is cured or…

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