Paleo Vodka & Peach Lemonade

Paleo Vodka Peach Lemonade | The Paleo Fix

If you’ve seen the other recipe for the Blackberry Tequila Mojito, you will know we’re not shy about posting paleo drinks and recipes up here on the site. I know this could get me thrown in paleo prison by the paleo police, but people are going to drink. It is 2014, not 40000 BC, after all. What’s the…

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Blackberry Tequila Paleo Mojito

Blackberry Tequila Paleo Mojito | The Paleo Fix

The Cinco De Mayo recipe pack can now be downloaded as a PDF here! Here is a little twist on the traditional mojito, replacing the sugar with blackberries and rum with tequila. Does it make it a paleo mojito? Well, kind of. Tequila is one of the only grain-free liquors – totally paleo(ish)! The blackberries, lime…

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