Paleo Tomato Habanero Salsa

Paleo Tomato Habanero Salsa | The Paleo Fix

I’ve long since held this simple stance, but food is much better when you add some flavor. Some habanero salsa can definitely have that effect. For those of you who don’t know, I eat a pretty monotonous diet from when I wake up until dinner. I’m too busy to be worrying about cooking and planning…

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Primal Ranch Dip

Primal Ranch Dip | The Paleo Fix

When I first went “paleo”, I removed all condiments and anything dairy and felt great. As I recommend a lot of other people do as well, I started experimenting and adding foods back in. Dairy was a food that I added back in that I realized that I can tolerate, and very well. This is…

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Creamy Garlic Dill Dipping Sauce


The big game is coming up pretty soon here and you know what that means? Yep. Wing time. Americans are ready to eat over ONE BILLION (yes, with a B) wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Pretty ridiculous. Chances are you’re going to be around some wings as well. With all those wings, everyone is going…

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Savory Paleo Romesco Sauce

Paleo Romesco Sauce | The Paleo Fix

Here is Savory Paleo Romesco, another easy sauce recipe that can be added to pretty much anything. This is an excellent cure to everyone who says that eating healthy is boring. Salads, meats, you name it and it goes well with this paleo romesco sauce. Cheese is often included in non paleo versions but this…

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Roasted Paleo Ancho Chile Sauce

Spicy Paleo Ancho Chile Sauce | The Paleo Fix

The Cinco De Mayo recipe pack can now be downloaded as a PDF here! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we will be highlighting cinco recipes leading up to the holiday! First up – Roasted Paleo Ancho Chile Sauce! This is first because, really, you can use it on anything. Roasted vegetables, meats, eggs, etc. This…

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Fresh Roasted Spicy Paleo Salsa

Fresh Roasted Spicy Paleo Salsa | The Paleo Fix

Farmer’s markets are starting to pop back up with spring officially in action and this recipe is a great way to put them to use. Few people realize how simple it is to make their own fresh salsa with little to no work. The main ingredients here can be subbed for whatever is fresh in…

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Simple and Spicy Paleo Chimichurri Recipe

Simple and Spicy Paleo Chimichurri Recipe | The Paleo Fix

This is a quick and easy parsley-based sauce to make that easily transforms a meal. Parsley being the main ingredient in this sauce makes it incredibly healthy. Parsley has a rich amount of vitamins C, K, A, and B12, reduces inflammation and helps promote proper kidney and liver functioning. Mix this with a healthy olive oil or avocado oil and some fresh tasty…

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