Paleo Cookbook Review: The Paleo Performance Cookbook by Stephanie Gaudreau

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I get pretty overwhelmed when looking at paleo cookbooks. They are all quite obviously the same. Take some recipe that people like to eat, make it with healthy ingredients. Repeat 100 times. Cookbook. The Paleo Performance Cookbook by Stephanie Gaudreau caught my eye for standing out in a significant way.

Steph has done something that I actually wanted to do for a very long time. Use a book to trick athletes into how to fuel themselves appropriately. So many athletes have been sold on bunk diets for so very long, and many higher end athletes that I work with at my clinic have a very hard time believing that paleo can work for them to support their performance. Different athletes have different goals, and you can most certainly use a paleo template to reach them. Hint: Paleo does not equal low carb.

If you’re going to be learning how to fuel yourself as an athlete, why not learn from one who has done it? Steph has been a competitive athlete nearly her whole life. From mountain biking, CrossFit and most recently weightlifting, she has a huge experience bank in using nutrition to reach her goals. This is not just some collection of recipes and labeled “for athletes”; this is a collection of tools and tricks developed over years from an athlete who has used them with success.

One of the biggest road blocks for anyone switching to healthy nutrition is actually knowing how to cook. Especially busy athletes. When you work full-time, train a few hours a day, and have a regular life to lead, learning how to cook is a job in an of itself. The Paleo Performance Cookbook will show you how to cook with easy to follow, yet tasty recipes.

The Paleo Performance Cookbook teaches people how to cook and much more. Steph has separated the sections out for when you should be eating in regards to training. She has given templates on when to eat what foods and why depending on your training schedules. There are also easy to follow combination charts to show which recipes can be combined for what effect. Seriously, this book takes the guess work out of nutrition for athletes.

As an added bonus, the recipes are amazing. Imagine that – food that works for you and also tastes great. Having been able to make a few of the recipes I can tell you they are worth the price of admission. Being a freak about counting to make sure my macros are in line with my goals, Steph has helped calmed my neurosis. Every recipe has a macronutrient breakdown so you can just pick it up, plug into your already existing nutrition plan, and hit the ground running. No more guessing.

The Paleo Performance Cookbook is a resource that no healthy athlete should go without. There’s no need to load up on unseasoned chicken breast, brown rice and steamed broccoli. It is true that healthy nutrition that meets demands for performance can be more than that, and this book shows you how.

Keep on the lookout for a review recipe that I’ll be posting soon so you can check out the magic inside this book. For now, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon, pick up The Performance Paleo Cookbook, and leave her a review while you’re over there!


The Paleo Performance Cookbook is a collection of recipes and templates that athletes can use to take their game to the next level.


Anyone who moves and is also looking to live a much healthier lifestyle that is confused on how to do that or cook properly.


If you are an athlete or know one, absolutely. You can and should use paleo as a tool to reach your athletic goals, and this book shows you how.


You can buy the book on Amazon or any major bookstore. Also, make sure to check out Steph’s website, Stupid Easy Paleo, and make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.