How much does this cost?

This depends entirely on your needs. There are different packages for different people with different conditions and goals. Connect with me and we’ll create a personalized approach that will give you immediate results!

How can this help me?

Have no idea where to start? Stubborn weight loss or mass gain? Joint inflammation or digestive issues not clearing up? No time for shopping lists or meal plans for your goals? All of these and more are reasons to see if The Paleo Fix Private Coaching is right for you.

How long do the sessions last?

After filling out initial paperwork, a 45-60 minute discussion about evaluation of history and progression of goals will take place over telephone or Skype. Follow ups plan administration will be delivered via email and any in-depth follow ups will be 30 minutes via telephone or Skype.

More questions?

Please visit Private Coaching and fill in your questions in the comments to have them answered and to see if a personalized Paleo Fix is right for you.