Review: Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers Bars Review | The Paleo Fix

One thing that is tough about being paleo compliant is having something to snack on while on the go. Nut butters and coconut oil can only go so far. Sometimes you just want a have a snack bar or something handy with you in case hunger strikes. Most options marketed at the healthiest demographic are loaded with junk – brown rice syrup, organic gluten free oats, soy this, healthy whole grain that. There aren’t many bars that are paleo friendly – but we’ve found some that are. 
Say hello to Bearded Brothers Bars. This duo out of Austin, Texas is whipping up some amazing blends of paleo friendly snack bars. Let’s break down each category and see if you should be buying these Bearded Brothers Bars!


The flavors are as follows:
Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla
This was by far my favorite of the bunch. The blueberry vanilla bar was like eating blueberry muffins, but without ending up with a muffin top yourself. The vanilla was a great touch. Buy these in bulk if you can and you won’t regret it.

Colossal Coconut Mango
This bar was an excellent and tropical flavor that I think a lot of other companies have tried to come up with but haven’t been able to perfect without tasting like sunscreen. Excellent execution. Would love a little more coconut in here, but I think everything could always use just a little more coconut.

Mega Maca Chocolate
Here is your “this reminds me of when I used to eat whole pans of brownies at a time” bar. Not overly sweet and not overly bitter. The maca and chocolate complement each other very nicely! Try to just eat one of these at at time, I dare you.

Fabulous Ginger Peach
If you like the spice of ginger, this is going to be your favorite bar. It isn’t as spicy or bitter due to the peach in there to calm it down a little bit. This tastes like a ginger chew on steroids. Enjoy!

Radical Raspberry Lemon
This flavor was like eating a bar of raspberry lemonade. It was amazing and completely refreshing. This would be excellent on a hot day or out on a hike.


All whole ingredients are used to make these Bearded Brothers bars. No weird rice syrups, no agave nectar or coconut sugars. Dates, fruit and nuts. Sometimes some spices to enhance the flavor but you’re never dealing with disgusting additives, only real, whole foods.


The packaging is of note as it is a paper like recyclable material. This packaging is nice because it’s not plastic and annoying and is much easier to recycle. Feels much less “mass produced” than other bars with plastic wrapping.


If you’re paleo and sometimes get hungry on the go, you should probably buy these Bearded Brothers bars. Unless you’re looking to pack in protein, these are excellent snack bars that will get you through any long stretch without any crazy additives. They are amazing in flavor and have plenty of delicious varieties.

I buy these every time I’m in Austin and have ordered from them online a few times as well. Perfect for when I’m traveling and know I will need something eat. Not perfect for when I’m not traveling because I just eat them all in one sitting. Hopefully they will take off a la EPIC bars and start being carried and more Whole Foods and specialty stores around the country soon!

Check out their website here!


I was not paid or compensated in anyway for the review of this product.