Review: LoveBean Fudge

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The Good

The most delicious chocolate treat I’ve put in my mouth. Smooth and creamy, insane value, Amazon Prime shipping.

The Not So Good

Too addictive to have in your pantry. If you have an addictive personality, then think twice before you demolish multiple containers of this.

Should You Buy This

If you like chocolate, then yes, absolutely buy LoveBean Fudge. If you like responsible fudge that can be used in various different desserts, then absolutely, yes.

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LoveBean Fudge Spread is some amazing stuff. Ryan Ferester is the mastermind behind LoveBean Fudge. While hanging out in Costa Rica, he found himself with access to some of the highest quality cacao available and naturally he wanted to produce the best chocolate bar in the world. Well, one thing lead to another and LoveBean Fudge came out the other side. Read on to see if LoveBean Fudge is right for you!


There are two flavors – Original Coconut and Essentially Raw. The difference between these two is that the coconut is slightly more creamy with the inclusion of some coconut milk. Both flavors have coconut based sugar, coconut oil and cacao powder.

Minimal ingredients, maximum flavor. There isn’t a huge different from flavor to flavor. Coconut is a little creamier and a little sweeter, but you can’t go wrong with either one. The versatility of either of these flavors is incredible. Eat with a spoon, use as a frosting, drop in some coffee – the possibilities are limitless.


Coming in at $24.99 for a pack of two on Amazon is a no brainer here. Plus Amazon Prime shipping? Simple stuff. For what you get out of a jar compared to how much a single high end chocolate bar costs, you are getting quite a bargain.

LoveBean Fudge Summary


You need to buy this stuff if you have any type of a sweet tooth. It is a creamy, delicious and spreadable chocolate bar that you probably won’t be able to put down. I’ve gone through four jars in a few weeks and have incorporate it with plenty different treat recipes that will popping up over the next few months! Don’t wait, jump to the bottom and buy some of this stuff now!