Review: The Paleo Diet Bar

The Paleo Diet Bar Review | The Paleo Fix


There are no words to describe the taste of the Paleo Diet Bar. It goes through about four different tastes as you embark on the inedible journey that is the Paleo Diet Bar. First you get a little hint of cinnamon, which is quite nice. Next, comes the texture and taste of sand. After about nineteen chews (this bar is VERY dense), stale dates. Then… mystery flavor. I was pretty indifferent about the Paleo Diet Bar until I hit the mystery flavor. I have no words to describe this, and that is the problem. It wasn’t repulsive, it just didn’t seem like it belonged in my mouth. This mystery taste overstays its welcome and (paired with the dense texture) is what brings this bar down.


We purchased this Paleo Diet Bar at a Chinese grocery store for $3.49. Not sure if it was under or over priced, but that’s what we paid. From research online, it seems right on. This review is for the cinnamon raisin flavor only, and not the cranberry. For what this bar offers, I find that to be quite a ridiculous price. When we have options like LaraBars, Bearded Brothers, Epic Bars, Rise Bars, and the like all priced well under that mark, there is really no excuse for the Paleo Diet Bar to be priced so high.


The ingredient list actually isn’t too bad, which is why I bought it in the first place. All ingredients of the Paleo Diet Bar are indeed paleo friendly, which is a plus. However, it seems a little iffy that they threw in 10+ ingredients when all of the bars listed above are delicious and made with just a few ingredients. My favorite LaraBar flavors are made with just nuts and dates.

paleo diet bar Summary

The ingredients are paleo, so if this was the only thing around it might be worth eating. Otherwise, I’d stick to the above-mentioned paleo bars that are tastier and cheaper, with fewer ingredients