Review: Simple Squares

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Bars, bars, bars… Of course eating whole foods are always the best decision, but when eating on the go, properly made bars can fill quite a need. Yet so many of these options are packed with dates, have 100s of ingredients, or just plain taste awful. If you’re someone who hates the ubiquitous date-packed paleo bar, I have something for you. That something? Simple Squares.

Simple Squares are FIVE ingredient, flavor packed, paleo-approved, fully organic bars. Oh, and they are 100% free of dates.

I recently spoke in front of many kids and families about the importance of nutrition. One of the highlights I spoke about were ingredient labels. The rule I make for the attendees was simple: If you can’t pronounce anything on an ingredient label or isn’t a real ingredient, don’t buy it. Simple Squares are one of the only widely available bar to fit that bill.

The ingredients in Simple Squares are usually something like this: Nuts, honey, herbs or REAL flavoring, sea salt. And speaking about the flavors, you’re not going to get bored any time soon.

Here are the flavors: cinna-clove, coffee, coconut, chococo, chili-pep, ginger, sage, and rosemary.

Clove, sage, rosemary, ginger… WHAT! Finally some savory paleo bars! And, for those of you who know my obsession… COFFEE! The coffee is by far my favorite option. Not too sweet, and, well, they taste like COFFEE. They are incredible.

Where have I been utilizing these bars, you ask? After workouts, primarily. This is where I usually don’t have an appetite but feel much better if I have some type of food in my system. This is also a good utilization for the faster dissolving honey in the Simple Squares.

Finally this is a paleo/primal friendly bar that is date free, and has savory flavors. My only wish is that they would pop some protein in there, but I can easily have a little beef isolate protein shake on the side if I need a good on the go source.


Simple Squares are a handful of simple ingredients (usually nuts, honey, flavors) sourced appropriately and in a tasty bar form. Flavors include cinna-clove, coffee, coconut, chococo, chili-pep, ginger, sage, and rosemary.


People who are looking for a real ingredient, paleo approved, fully organic snack bar when on the go. For those who don’t want the sticky date bars. Concerning flavors, the eight different flavors they provide are sure to satisfy anyone’s picky palate.


If you are looking for convenience without sacrificing quality, want an easy snack (or post workout fuel), then yes, Simple Squares are absolutely for you.


Go check out Simple Squares at and use code “THEPALEOFIX15″ for a 15% discount! 

Make sure to check out what they are up to on Instagram as well! They have an awesome account definitely worth following.